How Realtors can use this blog to help clients

How Realtors can use this blog to help clients

In today’s competitive market it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to succeed in business. If you are an agent I believe this blog can be one of those tools that sets you apart from others. As I have said in the past, education can be a powerful way to empower your clients with the information to make educated decisions about one of the most expensive items they will ever buy or sell. I would like to show you how Realtors can use this blog to help clients and be a resource for valuable and useful information, so let’s take a look at some articles that they might find helpful. I’ve included posts I’ve written relating to certain topic areas that I find home owners are curious about.

Tips on working with appraisers and knowing what to expect during the inspection

Working with appraisers

How to help your appraiser (it could even end up helping your home’s value)

Knowing how to help the appraiser with information is a great way that sellers can be proactive in the appraisalList of home improvements process. One way to do this is for the owner to pass along to the appraiser all information about the property that would positively impact it’s value.

Can you give me a copy of my appraisal report Mr. Appraiser?

Appraisers must follow certain standards with regard to who they can provide a copy of the appraisal to. This will explain how the process works.

Why can’t the appraiser call me when the value is not working out?

It will depend on whether the appraiser was hired by the owner or the bank when deciding who they can talk to about the value not working out.

During the appraisal inspection

How long should the appraiser be at my house?

How long should appraiser be at my houseKnowing how much time the appraiser should be at your house can help you when planning your schedule. Find out what a typical appraisal inspection looks like.

Getting Inside The Head of a Real Estate Appraiser: Tips To Make Your Appraisal Inspection Go Smoother

If you know what the appraiser will be looking for during the inspection it can help you prepare before they get there, and let you know what matters and what doesn’t.

Three questions an appraiser will not answer during the appraisal inspection

Don’t be surprised if the appraiser can’t answer some of your questions, theres a good reason.

Inform and educate on the value of a pre-listing appraisal

Do I need a pre-listing appraisal even If I’m using a real estate agent?

Many sellers believe that an appraisal is not necessary when using an agent but there are certain times when they are a good choice.fha_appraisal

10 reasons NOT to get a pre-listing appraisal

Know what reasons you should consider when deciding whether to get a pre-listing appraisal.

Everything you wanted to know about Zillow but were afraid to ask

5 Things Zillow Won’t Do To Get Your Zestimate

The value of a personal interior inspection of your home by a real appraiser is immeasurable when compared to what Zillow offers, or doesn’t offer.

Why Zillow “zestimates” aren’t accurate

how accurate is your appraisalIf you read the previous post about the difference between an appraisal by a real appraiser and a Zillow zestimate you’ll know why zestimates aren’t accurate, but read this anyway.

So, just how accurate is the Zillow “Zestimate” anyway?

An informational video I made showing how to find out about the accuracy of the Zillow zestimate for the area you live in. It will help your clients understand why they shouldn’t rely on Zillow.


I hope that you can use these resources to help your clients become more knowledgeable so that they can make better informed decisions. Feel free to send links to them in your emails so they will be better educated on the appraisal process. By empowering your clients you can become invaluable to them and a trusted resource.

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  1. You do a great job, Tom.

  2. Tom, your blog is an excellent resource for real estate agents across the country, not just in Birmingham. Thank you for all you do for appraisers and the real estate community.

    • Thanks for the kind words Gary. You provide an excellent resource as well. I think the appraisers (or other business people) that provide value and education to consumers will be the ones to prosper in this new business environment.

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