Do You Have A Tech-Savvy Appraiser?

Consumers Can Benefit From A Tech-Savvy Appraiser Technology is advancing at ever-increasing rates. This shows up in the devices we use as well as the data we collect. First, it was personal computers that became mainstream in people’s homes. What was once too expensive for most people to purchase became more affordable. The clunky and […]

How appraisers can use Google Calendar to streamline their appraisal business

Using Google Calendar in my appraisal business Would you like to know how to use the FREE Google Calendar in your appraisal business? This useful but simple app can help you do the following: Schedule appointments Map out inspection Create a task list to help you stay organized Create notifications Deliver a daily agenda via […]

How to use graphing to become a better agent

Can graphing really help you sell more homes? Maybe. In the past I’ve written about how a sales graph can help you show your expertise to your clients. Today I wanted to talk about graphing a little more but focus on how it can also help an agent sell more homes. If you’re wondering how […]

New appraisal tools for the new year

Do you have any new appraisal tools for 2016? Well, it’s a new year and a fresh start. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while of moving into the new age of paperless appraising and electronic appraisal tools to gather field data. I’ve slowly been making the transition, and this new phase of moving […]

A new gadget for my appraisal toolbox- Bosch laser distance measurer

A New Tool I recently purchased a new tool for my appraisal toolbox, a Bosch laser distance measurer. Up until now I have been happy with my handy 100 foot fiberglass tape measure, however I have to admit that I’m pretty hard on them and found myself buying a new one every couple of months. […]

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