Should You Always Accept The Highest Offer On Your Home When Selling?

The Strategy For Accepting The Highest Offer On Your Home You’re selling your home and you’ve got three offers, with each being higher than the one before it. Should you take the highest offer? Let talk about that. I know that agents will tell you that you should take into consideration various things such as […]

The Fallacy of Price Per Square Foot and a Highway 280 – Chelsea Real Estate Update

A Radio Show and a Highway 280 – Chelsea Market Update I recently had the opportunity to be on Genny Williams’ radio show “Life Along 280 & Chelsea: Discussing Your Property Values!” on Kool 96.9. This show is focused on real estate along the Highway 280 Corridor, which includes the Chelsea area. Being a long […]

What Is A Bifurcated Appraisal And Why Should I Care?

A Closer Look At The Bifurcated Appraisal They go by various names including hybrid and bifurcated appraisal but they have one thing in common: they are being touted as the next best thing since sliced bread. Why are lenders so excited about them? They’ve been promoted for lowering the cost and shortening the turn around time […]

Are Builder Premiums Really Worth What They Charge?

How Appraisers Handle Builder Premiums Have you ever built a new home and had the builder inform you that the lot had a premium on it because of where it was located? Or did they tell you that there was an upgrade package that increased the cost? Today I thought I would discuss how appraisers […]

Should I Make Repairs To My Home Before It’s Appraised?

To Repair Or Not To Repair I received a phone call this week from a reader of my appraisal blog. They told me that they are getting a home equity loan and the real estate appraiser is coming out next week. They wanted to know if they should make repairs to their home before the […]

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