What Would Happen if There Were No Appraisers?

Will Appraisers Be Replaced? Over the last several years appraisers have been faced with the threat of being replaced by computers and big data. We’ve all read the buggy whip analogies that illustrate the point that if we do not adapt to new technologies and processes we will see the demise of our industry. I […]

5 Takeaways from the “Get A Real Estate Life” Mastermind 2015

5 Takeaways from the “Get A Real Estate Life” Mastermind 2015 Last week I attended Mastermind 2015 sponsored by real estate coach Genny Williams and “Get A Real Estate Life“. This event has continually grown and is becoming one of the must attend events every year. While primarily geared towards real estate agents and mortgage […]

If you need a speaker at your real estate sales meeting, I can help you

Are you looking for someone to speak at your Birmingham, Alabama area real estate agent sales meetings? If so, then I may be able to help you. Last week I spoke at two such meetings to discuss local real estate trends as well as appraisal related issues. My goal this year has been to speak […]

Birmingham, AL Realtors, are you a socially savvy agent?

Do you consider yourself a socially savvy agent? Do you tweet, blog, or post videos on Youtube? Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or some other social network?  If you are not you may want to think about it.  In our ever changing business environment being knowledgeable and participating in the online social scene is becoming […]

Add Blogging To Your Real Estate Marketing Arsenal By Attending Wordcamp Birmingham

Would you like to be the local real estate expert in your market?  Would you like to be the person everyone finds online when they do a google search for people in your profession? Both of these things are possible if you learn how to operate a successful real estate blog. I am a real […]

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