Should You Trust An Algorithm For Your Home’s Value?

Zillow Takes One On The Chin In case you’ve been living under a rock lately and haven’t heard, Zillow is getting out of the home-flipping business. They recently announced they would no longer be involved in purchasing and reselling homes and they would shut down the Zillow Offers service. Their announcement was a shock to […]

Can I Sell My Home For Its Appraised Value?

Does Appraised Value Equal Sales Price? This question came to mind this week when I was speaking with a homeowner at an appraisal appointment. He didn’t ask me this specific question but he did make the following statement: “Just because your home appraises for a certain amount doesn’t mean that you can sell it for […]

Desktop Appraisals: Pros and Cons

Are Desktop Appraisals the Answer? The big news in the real estate, mortgage lending, and appraisal industry is desktop appraisals. In a recent announcement, FHFA Acting Director Sandra Thompson revealed that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will continue to allow appraisals to be conducted remotely. This was very happy news for all of the […]

Is the Housing Market Back to Normal?

Will We Ever Get Back to a Normal Housing Market? What is normal? It’s a great question that I get asked a lot. People want to know if the housing market is back to where it was before the pandemic. A normal market is a moving target. It changes with the seasons and with the […]

What Is Your Source for Square Footage When Listing a Home?

Square Footage is Key in Accurate Pricing I have written in the past about the source for square footage that real estate agents use but I thought it would be worth revisiting this topic again. If you are a new agent or didn’t read my past articles I hope you will take the time to […]

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