6 Ways Agents Can Use Their MLS Listings To Help Appraisers

Appraisers Research and Analyze The Market Most agents in the Birmingham, Alabama market where I work are great about answering any questions I have about their listings. It’s an appraiser’s job to mimic what a detective might do when they are researching information to help them understand the facts of a case so we tend […]

Are Buyers In The Driver’s Seat Now?

Do Buyers Have a Leg Up In Today’s Market? The smell of a market shift is in the air but what does this mean for the average buyer? Over the past two years, buyers have been put through the wringer. The steep rise in home prices, and the market’s competitive nature, have tested the resolve […]

6 Reasons Your Home May Not Appraise In Today’s Market

What Are Some Reasons Your Home May Not Appraise? With the current shift in the real estate market, we may see changes in sales activity that will affect your home’s value. The market is constantly changing and it is important to keep up with what is happening if you want to stay current on property […]

Is The Real Estate Market Shifting?

Has There Been a Shift In The Real Estate Market? From all indications, there has been a definite shift in the real estate market. The recent increase in interest rates has injected another variable into the market that participants are reacting to. I like to get multiple perspectives on what is happening and in order […]

Do I Need A Probate Appraisal?

What is a Probate Appraisal? You may have heard the term before but may still be asking yourself “what is probate and what is a probate appraisal?” Probate is the legal process a will must go through to prove its validity before anything can be distributed to the named beneficiaries. If this does not happen […]

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