How a Retrospective Appraisal Can Help In The Estate and Tax Planning Process

A Closer Look at The Retrospective Appraisal During the estate and tax planning process, one of the key concerns that clients often have is minimizing the tax burden on the heirs of an estate. This can be a complex issue, but one strategy that can help is to have a retrospective appraisal performed on any […]

What Is The FHA Rule For Handrails?

Handrails: Are They Needed or Not? If you’re looking to purchase a home and you’re financing it with an FHA loan, the property will need to meet certain requirements to be approved for the loan. These requirements pertain to the handrails and porch railings of the property. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the FHA […]

My Top 11 Tips For Realtors When Choosing Comps

11 Helpful Tips For Choosing Comps Whenever I speak to agents about the real estate market and the appraisal process the one topic that the discussion always leads to is about choosing comps. It’s been said that choosing the right comps is ninety percent of the battle when pricing a home and I agree. If […]

Data Collectors Bring Into Question The Integrity of Modern Appraisals

Will Appraisal Integrity Be Negatively Affected by Data Collectors In the world of real estate, appraisals play a vital role in determining the value of a property. However, in recent years, the rise of data collectors has brought into question the integrity of modern appraisals. Today I’m gong to discuss the concerns surrounding data collectors […]

What is the Role of Market Trends in a Real Estate Appraisal?

A Look at How Market Trends are used in the Real Estate Appraisal Process The real estate market is constantly changing, and market trends play a crucial role in helping an appraiser determine property values. Real estate appraisers are tasked with determining the market value of a property, and they need to be aware of […]

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