How NOT to get maximum value for your home: Ignore conformity

The powers of observation I was driving through a neighborhood this week while on an appraisal assignment and saw some interesting things that I wanted to share with you. I learned at the beginning of my career that you should “drive the neighborhood” as they say in order to get a feel for what is […]

The life of an appraiser-a wacky look at 2013 in pictures

With 2013 behind us I thought I would take a break from statistics and appraisal procedures to visit a lighter side of the life of an appraiser. I thought I would share with you some funny pictures I have collected over the past year during my appraisal inspections. I hope they make you laugh as […]

A look at architectural styles in the Chandalar subdivision of Pelham, Alabama

I recently did some appraisal work in the Chandalar subdivision in Pelham, Alabama and found the architectural styles very interesting. As an appraiser we study the floor plan design within a home and its functional utility, which looks at how well the floor plan flows. We also look at exterior design and how well it […]

What qualifies as “finished” basement area?

I was asked a question this week about what qualifies as “finished” basement area in a home. An agent was going to list a home and the basement area had some partitioned sheetrock walls in the basement. The homeowner wanted to count this as finished area, so the agent wanted to get clarification on how […]

Scary things appraisers see

This is Halloween week and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Everyone likes to be scared a little bit, right? I thought I would share with you some things I’ve seen during my day to day job of appraising houses in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  The life of an appraiser is not too […]

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