Getting behind a worthy cause- Open Hands Overflowing Hearts

Open Hands Overflowing Hearts Hey guys my post today is a little different than my normal posts about real estate appraisal, o.k. it’s lot different. 🙂 The reason I’m writing this is to make you aware of a worthy cause I’m getting behind and one you might want to as well. You’ll see a link […]

Happy Decoration Day everyone!

When I was a kid that’s what we called Memorial Day. It was a day spent placing flowers on the graves of our relatives who had passed away. In my home town of Rolla, Missouri we lived only a couple of blocks away from a very large cemetery where most of our family members were […]

I’ve Got A Copy Of My Appraisal, Now How Do I Read It?

I received a call from a homeowner the other day about an appraisal I had done on the home they just purchased.  They had gotten their copy of the report and was looking over it, but was having a hard time understanding where some information was, as well as what some of the abbreviations stood […]

The Value Of A House Is One Thing, The Value Of A Community Is Another

Wow. I am writing this one day after multiple deadly tornado’s travelled across several states, including my own state of Alabama, and which resulted in a record setting number of deaths and amount of destruction.  We will not know the total number of lives lost until days or months from now. I write a lot […]

Birmingham, Alabama Appraiser-Photos From The Field: What In The World Is This?

I was doing an appraisal inspection on a lake property in Shelby County, Alabama recently and ran across this unknown item.  I don’t know what it is myself so I thought I would ask everyone what they think it is.  I will tell you that they were doing some dredging and clean up of the […]

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