Birmingham, Alabama Appraiser-Photos From The Field: What In The World Is This?

I was doing an appraisal inspection on a lake property in Shelby County, Alabama recently and ran across this unknown item.  I don’t know what it is myself so I thought I would ask everyone what they think it is.  I will tell you that they were doing some dredging and clean up of the lake so it could be related to this.  Do you know what it is?  Please let me know, I will be be eagerly awaiting your guesses.

Strange things in Birmingham Alabama


  1. It is an artificial fish habitat. Fishermen sink these structures all over the lakes to provide the fish with a place to migrate (and add the coordinates to their GPSs to fish at later). Google “artificial fish habitat” and look at some of the silly stuff these die-hard fishermen sink!

    • TRo,
      Thank you for finally solving this mystery! Nobody else had any idea what this was but I did Google it as you suggested, and there it was. Very interesting. You learn something new every day.

      • The only reason I knew what it was is because my brother is one of those fishing nuts (I’m a SCUBA diver myself – so I do see fish on artifical structures all the time)! 🙂

        The reason for the design is to keep lures from getting entangled (Google the price of a Lucky Craft lure and you’ll see why the structures are built the way they are). Tournament fishing in Alabama can add up to big bucks (going out in entrance fees and payout to the winner) – so it’s not surprising how much money these guys will invest in habitats to get an “edge” on tournament day.

        Merry Christmas to you as well —

  2. I think that was something MacGyver pieced together out of a penny, piece of gum, and thin metal strips.

  3. My first guess is that they are alien eggs. Seriously though, I have never seed anything like those before. Hopefully someone knows, I am eager to find out as well.

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