Why Agents Should Share Their CMA With The Appraiser

Appraiser and Agent Collaboration is a Good Thing The importance of collaboration between real estate agents and appraisers can be a touchy subject. On one hand, the real estate agent’s main goal is to advocate for their client while the appraiser must be an impartial and non-biased third party. You might ask yourself how they […]

Housing Statistics for Beginners, Part 3

Final Insights on Housing Statistics for Real Estate Agents We are in the last part of my Housing Statistics for Beginners series and I want to thank you for following along. Knowing what the stats are and how to find them is very important in analyzing the real estate market because it helps us make […]

Housing Statistics for Beginners, Part 2

Unlocking the Basics: Part 2 of Housing Statistics for Beginners In my last blog post, which was the first installment in this multi-part series, I discussed why it is important for agents to be aware of local housing statistics. We see national news stories that say this or that about the housing market, however, it […]

Housing Statistics for Beginners

Mastering the Game: Why Housing Statistics Are Your Secret Weapon in Real Estate Hey there, fellow real estate pros! In the fast-paced world of house sales and market trends, staying ahead of the game is everything. As someone knee-deep in residential real estate appraisal, I’ve got a nugget of wisdom to share: housing statistics are […]

7 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

Tips To Make An Agent’s Life Easier The job of a real estate agent is extensive. There was a popular post that many agents were sharing on Facebook recently that listed all of the hats that an agent must wear. While I cannot speak to most of those duties, or how to do them, I […]

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