Why Agents Should Identify FHA Issues Before The Appraisal

Ignoring FHA Issues Before the Appraisal Can Cost Time and Money We’re a microwave society. We want things done fast so we can move on to the next thing on our to-do list. The home buying process is no different. I’ve read that the goal in the mortgage business is to make it as quick […]

5 Things Agents Should Know About ANSI

House Measurement Tips For Agents I previously wrote about Fannie Mae’s recent decision to require all loans they purchase to adhere to the ANSI standard for house measurement. You can read that post here. While I know that most agents in my area do not measure their own homes I still believe it is important […]

What Is Your Source for Square Footage When Listing a Home?

Square Footage is Key in Accurate Pricing I have written in the past about the source for square footage that real estate agents use but I thought it would be worth revisiting this topic again. If you are a new agent or didn’t read my past articles I hope you will take the time to […]

6 Reasons You Should Not Be Using Price Per Square Foot To Price Your Listings

Do You Use Price Per Square Foot To Price Your Listings? Are you guilty of using price per square foot to price your listings or estimate your home’s value? If you are then please keep reading because I’ll give you 6 reasons why this is not a good idea. First off, for those that may […]

5 Things Agents MUST Provide The Appraiser In Today’s Hot Market

Still Having Problems With Your Appraisals? I keep hearing that agents are still having some issues with homes not appraising for the contract amount. Is this you? If so, are you doing everything you can to provide the data you used in pricing and contract negotiations to the appraiser? I know it may sometimes seem […]

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