7 Common Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid During a Real Estate Appraisal

Homeowners, Don’t Make These Appraisal Mistakes When Selling Your Home As a real estate appraiser, I have seen many mistakes that sellers make during the appraisal process. These mistakes can significantly impact the value of a property and even lead to an appraisal being lower than the contract price. In this blog post, I will […]

3 Types Of Appraisals Realtors Should Be Aware Of

All Appraisals Are Not The Same All appraisals are the same, right? Not really, and today I’m going to explain the differences between several different types of appraisals that could mean the difference between a home appraising for contract price or not. For the record, I will state that the goal of every appraisal is […]

How Agents Can Adjust For Square Footage

Tips For Agents on How to Adjust For Square Footage I wrote an article once titled “Price per square foot is not the holy grail of property value” where I explained that price per square foot should not be the only metric given consideration when pricing a home. I thought it was important to discuss […]

How Was The Housing Market in 2022?

A Look At The Housing Market in 2022 Over the past three years, the real estate market has seen unprecedented milestones. From record-high sale prices to record-low inventory, the market has shown us that just when we think we know what will happen it will show us something different.   Who would have thought that […]

Do You Have A Tech-Savvy Appraiser?

Consumers Can Benefit From A Tech-Savvy Appraiser Technology is advancing at ever-increasing rates. This shows up in the devices we use as well as the data we collect. First, it was personal computers that became mainstream in people’s homes. What was once too expensive for most people to purchase became more affordable. The clunky and […]

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