Appraisal Services

We provide residential real estate appraisal services for home purchases, refinancing, and construction loans. These are considered “traditional” areas of appraisal. In addition, we perform appraisals for other functions as well which include the following: Marketing appraisals (to arrive at a list price-for either a FSBO (for sale by owner) seller or real estate agents-who want an additional unbiased estimate of value for their homeowner clients. Appraisals are also needed for estate planning, tax appeals (for contesting the taxable value of your home), bankruptcy, foreclosure proceedings, and PMI reduction.

Measuring Services

In addition to performing appraisals we also offer measuring services.  We can measure any building and provide a sketch to you that has the calculated square footage as well as the location or layout of rooms.  This service is available in several different detail levels, ranging from a simple perimeter sketch to a detailed layout of rooms and interior features.  These sketches can be uploaded to the MLS for use with your listing information.  Pricing varies based on size and level of detail.  Please call for a quote.  See below for an example of the detailed sketch.

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