How NOT to get maximum value for your home: Ignore conformity

The powers of observation I was driving through a neighborhood this week while on an appraisal assignment and saw some interesting things that I wanted to share with you. I learned at the beginning of my career that you should “drive the neighborhood” as they say in order to get a feel for what is […]

Considering a home renovation? Hire an appraiser.

During a home renovation an appraiser can be your best friend A home renovation can be an exciting time for owners. You’re making changes to your home that will create the perfect house for you and your family. Whether it is building an addition, finishing off an attic or basement, or giving the house a […]

Can a pub shed add value to my home?

What is a pub shed anyway? I was scanning some online articles recently when a story about pub sheds caught my attention. It turns out that a pub shed is just another variation of the she shed but consists of converting the shed into a bar with seating, a bar, a t.v., and of course a […]

Can my house be appraised in the middle of a renovation project?

Can my house be appraised in the middle of a renovation project? During one of my recent assignments I was speaking with the homeowner to set up the appointment. Whenever I do this I like to ask questions about their house including whether it has had any recent updates or renovations. It turned out that […]

How important is the cosmetic condition of a house in an appraisal?

When selling your home owners are told all the time to work on the “curb appeal” because it will help the home sell. I was asked recently how much painting the home added to its value, or for that matter any other cosmetic type improvement. It was a very good question but the answer I […]

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