What Impact Do Renovations Have on Appraisal Value?

Home Renovations and Appraisal Value As an appraiser, I get asked about how much value will be added for different types of home projects or renovations. The truth of the matter is that it is difficult to give a straightforward answer. Contrary to what you see on the home improvement shows it is not always […]

Things To Consider When Making Home Renovations

How To Make Home Renovations Pay Off I received a call this week from a person who wanted to know how they could make sure that they could get back the money they were going to invest in their house. The short answer is that you can’t be sure. There is no guarantee that the […]

5 Home Improvements That Do Nothing For Your Home Value

Don’t Waste Your Time on Home Improvements That Do Nothing For Your Home Value Not all of the improvements you make to your house will add value. Some may even take away value. There are two ways to look at the improvements you make to your home. The first is to consider how the improvements […]

How NOT to get maximum value for your home: Ignore conformity

The powers of observation I was driving through a neighborhood this week while on an appraisal assignment and saw some interesting things that I wanted to share with you. I learned at the beginning of my career that you should “drive the neighborhood” as they say in order to get a feel for what is […]

Considering a home renovation? Hire an appraiser.

During a home renovation an appraiser can be your best friend A home renovation can be an exciting time for owners. You’re making changes to your home that will create the perfect house for you and your family. Whether it is building an addition, finishing off an attic or basement, or giving the house a […]

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