Don’t make this mistake when remodeling your basement

Have you ever wanted to build out your basement into some good livable space? How about a great home theater or a home office? These types of improvements can definitely add value to your home and give you more room to spread out and utilize the area in your home, if done the right way. […]

Can a finished attic be included in the appraisal of a home?

I was asked a great question by an agent this week that I thought I would share with you. Before we get into that though I would like to let you know that I am available to answer any appraisal related questions you may have. I can be called, emailed, or you can even text […]

What is a “Subject To” appraisal, and how can it save me money?

The “Subject To” appraisal is one that many people do not understand, so I thought I would share with you today a situation in which a “Subject To” appraisal could have saved the homeowner thousands of dollars. A “Subject To” appraisal is one in which the value is based on a what a home will […]

Avoid these 5 problems to help your home appraise for top dollar

In my adventures as a real estate appraiser in Birmingham, Alabama I have seen a lot of things that decrease the value of your home. I thought I would share with you 5 problems I have seen recently so that you can avoid these value killers. Moisture stains on your ceiling is a good sign […]

What’s the value of a pool in my neighborhood?

This is a question you may have asked yourself at some point.  Have you ever dreamed of having one built but don’t know it’s value in your area?  Every neighborhood is different, and some areas will give you a bigger return on your investment than others.  Swimming pools are always used by appraisers as examples […]

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