Don’t make this mistake when remodeling your basement

Have you ever wanted to build out your basement into some good livable space? How about a great home theater or a home office? These types of improvements can definitely add value to your home and give you more room to spread out and utilize the area in your home, if done the right way. […]

Where are lot sales occurring in Pleasant Grove, Alabama?

I’m doing some appraisal work in the Pleasant Grove, AL area this week and ran across some interesting sales trends. If you recall, a major tornado came through the Pleasant Grove area in April of 2011, causing catastrophic damage. Houses were totally destroyed and blown off of their foundations. Since then recovery has been slow. […]

FHA loans and messy homes

I recently appraised a home for a refinance loan that was not the neatest one I’ve ever seen. It was an appraisal for a conventional loan, which is not as strict as FHA loans are, so there were no issues or additional requirements. If this had been an FHA loan the appraisal may have turned […]

Does having a clunker in your front yard help your property value?

I could make this the shortest post in my illustrious 😉 blogging career with just one word: “No”, but that probably wouldn’t be helpful.  Most people know that having clunkers in your front yard WILL NOT contribute to property values in a positive way. Now if you want to decrease the value of your home […]

How NOT to dispose of peeling paint for an FHA appraisal

I wanted to share a photo with you that I took recently of a home I was appraising.  It was for an FHA appraisal of an older house built prior to 1978.  You may wonder why the year 1978 is so important, so I will tell you.  It was in 1978 that lead paint was […]

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