A look at architectural styles in the Chandalar subdivision of Pelham, Alabama

I recently did some appraisal work in the Chandalar subdivision in Pelham, Alabama and found the architectural styles very interesting. As an appraiser we study the floor plan design within a home and its functional utility, which looks at how well the floor plan flows. We also look at exterior design and how well it fits into the personality of the neighborhood. Obviously a home that is built to “fit in” to what is acceptable in the neighborhood will provide maximum value. It’s interesting to see how house designs change, so when I was in Chandalar I thought I would snap some pictures of homes with interesting architectural styles that you don’t see much any more. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and while you’re looking at the pictures try and guess the approximate year that they were built. I will let you know at the end of the post so don’t look before you guess. You can click on the image to make it larger.

Chandalar subdivision-Pelham, Alabama 100_4237 100_4238 100_4239 100_4240 Chandalar subdivision-Pelham, Alabama

These homes “fit in” to the style of Chandalar as much of it was built in the same time period. The styles of these homes reminds me of the home of a family I use to watch on television when I was a kid, can you guess what show it is? If you said “The Brady Bunch” you would be right. By the way, what time period did you guess? If you guessed the early 1970’s you would be right. If I can answer any appraisal related questions you have don’t hesitate to give me a call, I always enjoy helping people.

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  1. Those are some funky houses, Tom. Does the style also show up on the inside? Or is it just the outside that has a different look? (I’m talking about pic 3 in particular)

    • Good question Ryan. With these homes being built in the early 1970’s most of them have been updated to reflect current standards for materials such as granite counters, etc, and they do have functional floor plans, however many do have a more open floor plan and soaring ceilings. The one I did recently had a spiral stair case (which you don’t see too much these days) and an open second story balcony looking over the great room. The great room actually looked a little like a ski lodge with a floor to ceiling fireplace situated in a step down living room. They do have a lot of character but it has to be what you are looking for.

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