The life of an appraiser-a wacky look at 2013 in pictures

With 2013 behind us I thought I would take a break from statistics and appraisal procedures to visit a lighter side of the life of an appraiser. I thought I would share with you some funny pictures I have collected over the past year during my appraisal inspections. I hope they make you laugh as much as they did me.

Excuse me, I should have knocked first- I usually knock before I go into rooms but I probably would have disturbed this cat quenching its thirst. No kisses from kitty today.
Funny Appraiser Pictures

Calm down please- Whoever named this road doesn’t look like they were too happy about the name put on it and they let everyone know it.100_1461

Hmm, please don’t stare- When I went into this bathroom during the appraisal inspection I suddenly became a little uncomfortable. People don’t like to be stared at , not even by dummies.100_4523

Four wheel drive garage?- I think a four wheel drive would be the only kind of vehicle you could get into this higher than normal garage.100_5499

Git-er-done!- If you want your builder to finish up the construction job fast, this is the company for you!100_5692

Cosmo Kramer- Being a Seinfeld fan I thought this painting was totally cool, and I could see it going on the wall in my media room.


Excuse me, what did I just see?- At first I got a little freaked out finding two coffins in an attic of an old house I was appraising, but realizing Halloween had just passed I assumed this was part of their decorations…I think.

Alabama is famous for its wildlife- Alabama has all kinds of wildlife, including bears. I’m not sure why someone chose to put  this stuffed bear up in a tree but it made for an interesting day.

100_8140An appraiser’s worst nightmare- This is not exactly what real estate appraisers want to see when they visit a home to do an appraisal. Luckily the homeowner had a strong crate that they housed the dog in while I was doing my work.

Crazy things appraisers seeSee anything funny you want to share? Leave me a message below, I would enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. Great info.

  2. I would love to have a Kramer for my house. Entertaining post, Tom.

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