Birmingham Real Estate: 2019 vs 2020

Birmingham Real Estate 2020 Recap Is it too late to discuss how the Birmingham Real Estate market in 2020 compared to 2019? I had hoped to write about this sooner but I have been extremely busy appraising. Maybe the fact that the real estate market barely let up for the holidays is a good indicator […]

What Is A Competitive Market Area?

Competitive Market Area Explained A competitive market area is something that I write about quite a bit when discussing comparable sales selection. It answers a lot of questions about where agents can look for sales when pricing a home. The sales comparison approach is the most recognized approach for non-appraisers. Most people know what a […]

Eagle Point Housing Update

Eagle Point Real Estate Update The Eagle Point subdivision is located in north Shelby County just off of Highway 280. The subdivision was started in the mid-1980s and is one of the more popular neighborhoods in North Shelby County. The neighborhood features a swim and tennis club as well as various private lakes. A new […]

Overbidding in a Hot Real Estate Market

A Hot Real Estate Market Requires a Different Strategy If you’ve tried to buy a home recently you’ll know what I’m talking about when discussing a hot real estate market. Because it is so competitive most buyers are being encouraged by their real estate agents to come prepared to make an offer when looking at […]

Anatomy of a Sales Comparable

Importance of the Sales Comparable In the past, I have written extensively about sales comparables and their use within the appraisal report. I have explained what makes a good sales comparable and the process you should take in choosing them. The sales comparison approach is typically given the most consideration in the appraisal report. There […]

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