6 Ways Floor Plan Sketches Can Help Birmingham Rental Companies

Rental Companies Can Benefit From Floor Plan Sketches As a real estate appraiser, I have the opportunity to provide much more than appraisals to my clients. One part of the appraisal process is creating floor plan sketches of the property being appraised. Floor plan sketches are not only helpful in the appraisal process but they […]

6 Reasons Appraisers Are NOT Needed

What Do Appraisers Know Anyway? You can buy a car in little to no time so why not a house? Over the years I have heard that the home buying process is too long. There are too many headaches for buyers and the process should be easier. We are in a microwave society and everybody […]

What Affect Will Offerpad Have on Birmingham Home Values?

Will Birmingham Home Values Be Effected By The iBuyer Model? In case you did not see it in the news Offerpad recently announced that their services are now available in the Birmingham, Alabama market. They are partnering with Keller Williams to offer the first iBuying service throughout the whole state of Alabama. For those not […]

Things To Consider When Making Home Renovations

How To Make Home Renovations Pay Off I received a call this week from a person who wanted to know how they could make sure that they could get back the money they were going to invest in their house. The short answer is that you can’t be sure. There is no guarantee that the […]

What Happened to the Birmingham Housing Market in 2019?

A Closer Look At Birmingham Housing Market Trends In last week’s post, I took a look at how the Birmingham housing market in 2019 compared to 2010 when I started my appraisal blog. That gave us a good visual of how much the local real estate market has improved. This week I want to look […]

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