Will The Appraiser Give Me Full Credit For My Landscaping?

How Much Value Do You Get For Landscaping? I was asked this question about landscaping by a homeowner during an appraisal inspection this week. I thought I would share the answer on my blog because I’m sure others have asked the same question. My answer really doesn’t just pertain to landscaping though. It can explain […]

Appraiser’s Tips For Making A Market Based Offer

Using Housing Stats To Make A Market Based Offer I recently wrote about escalation clauses and how to avoid appraisal issues. I wrote about this because escalation clauses typically cause the contract price to be pushed up higher than the list price. I’m not saying that when this occurs that the contract price cannot be […]

How To Avoid Appraisal Issues When Using An Escalation Clause

What Is An Escalation Clause? Today’s real estate market in many areas could be described as tight, meaning that inventory is low and demand is high. This is exactly how it is in many areas of Birmingham, AL where I appraise. New listings are not staying on the market long before buyers write a contract. […]

Alabaster Home Sales Market Update

How Are Alabaster Home Sales? It’s been a while since I have shared a comprehensive breakdown of Alabaster home sales so I thought now is as good a time as any. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging its effect on single-family home sales is unfolding daily. In my real estate appraisal practice, I perform a […]

Will Defunding The Police Effect Home Values?

A Look At The Relationship Between Crime and Home Value Appreciation The big topic recently in national news is that of defunding the police. There are many views about this both pro and con, however, because I am in the real estate appraisal business it made me think about what effect doing this might have […]

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