Will Defunding The Police Effect Home Values?

A Look At The Relationship Between Crime and Home Value Appreciation The big topic recently in national news is that of defunding the police. There are many views about this both pro and con, however, because I am in the real estate appraisal business it made me think about what effect doing this might have […]

Agents Should Do These 5 Things For FHA Appraisals

Avoid Headaches With These 5 Tips For FHA Appraisals The market is hot and sales activity is increasing. If only we had more listings, right? I’ve noticed recently in this frenzy of activity that those in the real estate industry, including mortgage lenders, agents, and of course appraisers, seem to be burning the candle at […]

Five Ways To Identify An Increasing Real Estate Market

Is Birmingham Experiencing An Increasing Real Estate Market? Are we suppose to have an increasing real estate market during a pandemic? It’s difficult to say since pandemics aren’t that common. We really can’t compare it to the last pandemic that occurred back in 1918 because our country and the economy are totally different now than […]

What Are The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom?

A Look At The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom I get this question on a pretty consistent basis from my agent friends so I decided to write this post and explain the legal requirements for a bedroom. Please leave a comment below with any thoughts you have. The legal requirements for a bedroom discussed in […]

Why Can’t The Appraiser Include Basement In Price Per Square Foot?

Are Basements Included In Price Per Square Foot? While I’ve discussed the topics of basements and price per square foot in previous blog posts I thought it might be helpful to revisit both of them again. This is a popular question I get from agents all the time so I’d like to hear your take […]

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