If you need a speaker at your real estate sales meeting, I can help you

Are you looking for someone to speak at your Birmingham, Alabama area real estate agent sales meetings? If so, then I may be able to help you. Last week I spoke at two such meetings to discuss local real estate trends as well as appraisal related issues. My goal this year has been to speak to at least one group each month. My calender for the rest of the year is empty so if you would like to schedule a time for me to speak to your group lets connect.

Tom Horn speaking at real estate meeting

Real Estate Trends- In my day to day job as an appraiser in the Birmingham, Alabama area I study local real estate trends. Many of my blog post’s are focused on such trends, however I also like to connect with agents in person at sales meetings or other similar gatherings to discuss what’s happening in local subdivisions, neighborhoods, and cities/communities. I’ve written about key statistics and what they mean to the local market, what neighborhoods have the most sales, trends in foreclosure sales, and study how the Birmingham market compares to the rest of the country. I believe that sharing this information with real estate agents helps them to understand what is happening in the local market.

Appraisal Related Issues- In addition to real estate trends in the Birmingham area I also discuss appraisal related issues such as how appraisers choose comparable sales, what constitutes a comparable, how is an FHA appraisal different from a conventional appraisal, how agents can think like appraisers, and how agents can get reliable square footage figures to use in their listings. Appraisers and agents don’t get the chance to talk about these topics very often so I find it extremely rewarding to meet and discuss these topics and clear up misconceptions about how appraisers do their job.

Many agents believe they cannot talk to appraisers. This may be true when it comes to specific assignments and when it pertains to value related issues because it could be interpreted as undue pressure by the agent. Outside of this scenario it is perfectly fine for the two to discuss the topics I have previously mentioned as it helps them understand why appraisers do what they do. If I can help you with your sales or caravan meetings please let me know I would love to connect with agents to discuss these topics.

If you have any real estate appraisal related questions you can call me at 205.243.9304, email me, or connect with me on Facebook., Twitter, or Youtube.


  1. Way to put yourself out there and provide value for local real estate offices.

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