Birmingham Alabama Appraiser : Alabaster, Alabama-Weatherly Market Trends

Weatherly subdivision is located in Alabaster, Alabama and includes over 600 home sites.  It offers a clubhouse, swimming pool, three lakes and tennis courts.  It is located in Alabaster and Pelham, however the market statistics included here only include those homes in Alabaster, Alabama.  The time period includes May to August of 2010.  As you can see the numbers are fairly similar between 2009 and 2010.  What this means is that Weatherly subdivision is not seeing drastic changes in values from this time period in 2009 and 2010, which is encouraging considering foreclosure activity prevalent in most areas.  The number of sales has decreased slightly and the days on market has increased.  This type of market behavior has been occurring in a lot of areas and is typical and expected in this economic market.

Weatherly Subdivision Sales Statistics

2009 (May-August)

2010 (May to August)

Average Sales Price



Median Sales Price



Average Days on Market



Number of sales




  1. I like the way you’ve presented this data. It would also be nice to see the number of homes currently on the market, and the number of listings that expired during this same time frame.

    Do you feel like the tax credit had any impact on this area?

    • Thanks Alison. I will see about adding the current listings and expireds. I do think the tax credit had an impact. Seems like sales have dropped off since it expired. How about in your area?

  2. Very informative, Tom! I like your formatting of the post and table you created to help us understand “the numbers”. Great Job! Bill Cobb

  3. On paper from your numbers above, it looks like the market is looking somewhat stable (though my view is only limited to the figures above).

    • Unfortunately we have had foreclosures, however it does not look like they have had significant detrimental effects. We are holding fairly steady in Weatherly subdivision in Alabaster, AL.

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