Alabaster, AL- Most popular price range for buyers

Have you ever been curious about what price range is the most popular to buy in? While doing research for an assignment in Alabaster, AL recently I plotted out some sales data and this is the graph I came up with.

Alabaster AL home sales by price range

The price range with the largest number of sales was $125,000-$149,999, where there were 52. The next two ranges that had high sales were $100,000-$124,999 and $150,000-$174,999, where there were 48 and 31 sales respectively. The other price ranges drop off significantly.

On first glance it looks like there are more sales in the lower price ranges and less in the higher price ranges than what there has been in the past. This makes sense when you consider that foreclosures and short sales are making up 30-40% of the market in the Birmingham metro area. In addition, the lack of buyers for upper priced homes and the limited availability of funds from banks has resulted in lackluster sales in the upper price ranges.

What do you think about the price trends in Alabaster? Does anything surprise you? How do these numbers compare with your local scene around the country? What price range is the most sold in your area? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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