FAQ: Does The County Appraiser Know What You Appraise My Home For?

how-confidential-is-your-appraisal-reportHave you ever wondered if the county tax assessor/appraiser knows what your house appraises for when you refinance your home?  This was a question I got the other day from a homeowner when I was at their home doing an inspection.

The answer is “No”,the county assessor does not know what your home appraises for.

Whenever an appraiser is retained by a homeowner, bank, mortgage company, or anyone else, it is a confidential arrangement.  The appraiser is not allowed to disclose any information except to those parties specified by the client.

This was a concern of the homeowners because if their home appraised for more than what it is currently assessed at, they believed the assessor would increase their property taxes based on this higher value, however because of the confidential agreement there should be no cause to worry.

On the flip side, it is possible to use an appraisal to contest your current assessment, if it is higher than what your home appraises for.

Do you believe your property taxes are higher than they should be?  If so, give me a no obligation phone call at 205-243-9304 and we can see if an appraisal would help you lower your property taxes.


  1. I agree with Bill, great post. I am asked that question as well.

  2. Great Question, Tom!

    I get this question often as home owners sometimes say, “I hope the appraisal doesn’t go too high because I don’t want my property taxes to increase!”. Bill

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