6 Appraisal blog posts that will make you a better real estate agent

These 6 blog posts by appraisers can make you a better real estate agent

appraiser blogs to help real estate agents be smarterThis week I want to share with you some helpful blog posts from my fellow appraisers that will make you a better real estate agent. I think these posts will help you become a more knowledgeable and effective agent because it will educate you on the appraisal side of the real estate transaction. It is my belief that the more agents know about appraisal related issues and appraisers know about agent issues the better we can all be, which makes the transaction a smoother experience for the buyer.

Here are 6 blog posts that I think will interest you. Some of them are answers to questions I get asked frequently. Let me hear your thoughts by leaving a comment after you read and you can also tell me what you favorite post is.

5 Quick fixes for FHA appraisal issues | Philly Appraisal Blog

We all know that FHA appraisals can have more strict requirements than conventional. This post describes 5 common FHA issues and gives some quick fixes you can use to solve the problem before the appraisal. Taking care of FHA issues before the appraisal can help save time and money. If the problem is not resolved before the appraiser visits the property it will require a final inspection which can delay the closing and cost the borrower more money because the appraiser will have to revisit the property. By being proactive you can stop the problem upfront and be an awesome agent for your client.

Common reasons why homes don’t appraise for contract price and what agents can do about it | Home Appraisals Baton Rouge

Appraisers are blamed for killing deals but is it really their fault? There are some situations beyond the appraisers control where some deals are dead before they even begin. If you can identify the problems upfront that have a high likelihood of failure then you can work on fixing them. When homes don’t appraise it could be caused by one or more these three reasons.

In an FHA appraisal does the fence need to be painted? | Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Peeling and chipping paint is a big issue with FHA loans, but don’t confuse this with another scenario. Have you ever been told that an unpainted fence needed to be painted to meet FHA guidelines? If you’ve been in this situation before and asked this question what were you told? The correct answer provided in this post may surprise you.

An appraisal is not a substitute for a good home inspection | FHA News Blog

Buyers are sometimes confused about the differences between appraisers and home inspectors. As an agent you should educate buyers that while both are involved in a sales transaction, what they do is totally different. Buyers should not rely on the appraisal to uncover problems with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems of the house. Read this post so you know how to advise your clients.

How to take listing photos that sell houses | The Real Estate Appraisal Group

Real estate appraisers look at a lot of MLS photos and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The author of this article believes that the days on market for a home is directly related to the quality of photos of the property. If you feel that any old picture will do you may want to think again.

What agents should know if their FHA buyer is changing lenders | Appraisers Blogs

It’s not uncommon for a buyer to change lenders in the middle of a purchase. If you’re not sure about the rules surrounding appraisals for FHA purchases you will definitely want to read up on them in this informative article.


Do you have any questions regarding appraisals that you feel would help you be a better agent? If so leave a comment below or give me a call. I speak at local real estate offices to help agents understand the appraisal process so if you’re interested in having me speak at your office let’s connect and we’ll schedule a time when I could be a speaker at your sales meetings.

If you have a question or comment please leave a message below and we’ll keep the conversation going. Thanks for reading.

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