I Can Help Birmingham, AL Realtors With Their Sales Meetings

If you are a Realtor in the Birmingham, AL area I would like to help you with your sales meetings by providing appraisal education to your agents. I have spoken in the past at local real estate offices about how to read an appraisal, how we come up with comparables, why we sometimes must use foreclosures as comparables and various other issues. These topics are good for new agents to know as well as those that have been in the business a long time but may still have questions. Contrary to what some believe, agents and appraisers can speak together about certain things.

I can also speak about FHA appraisals and how we look at those properties differently than a conventional purchase. By knowing what appraisers look for the agent can prepare the listing so that follow up trips can be avoided, thereby saving the buyer money and helping the loan close more quickly. HUD has certain guidelines we must follow and I can give you a heads up regarding common problems I have found doing FHA appraisals.

If you think I can help you educate your agents on various aspects of the appraisal process please give me a call, email me or text me.  I look forward to connecting with you.

If you have any real estate appraisal related questions you can call me at 205.243.9304, email me, or connect with me on Facebook., Twitter, or Youtube.

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