What’s Happening To The Townhouse Market In The Alabaster/Pelham/Helena Area?

I recently completed an appraisal assignment in Alabaster, Alabama for an attached townhouse unit and I wanted to share with you what I found.  The graph shows townhouse sales in the area from January 2005 to February 2011.  As you can see, values are definitely declining. Based on the property I was appraising, the search […]

FAQ: Does The County Appraiser Know What You Appraise My Home For?

Have you ever wondered if the county tax assessor/appraiser knows what your house appraises for when you refinance your home?  This was a question I got the other day from a homeowner when I was at their home doing an inspection. The answer is “No”,the county assessor does not know what your home appraises for. […]

Jefferson County-Birmingham, Alabama: Are You Happy With Your Property Taxes?

Well, by now Jefferson County residents in Birmingham, Alabama have received their real property tax notices.  Are you happy with the recent reassessments the county has made? In a recent article on Al.com, they reported that approximately 80% of property owners WILL NOT see a change in their property taxes.  They have stated that they […]

Birmingham, Alabama Homeowners: New Property Tax Assessments are out

If you live in Jefferson County, Alabama please don’t forget about your property tax assessments, which came out at the beginning of July.  It is a good idea to check the value that the county has your house assessed at.  If you believe it is too high it is possible to contest the value, but […]

Shelby County Alabama Property Values Decline

Shelby County tax assessors recently released their latest reassessments for 2009 and the results revealed that property values have declined for the first time in many years.  Both ends of the value spectrum have been affected.  From starter home subdivisions like Ironwood to upscale neighborhoods like Greystone and Highland Lakes.  According to the report 80% […]

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