What Is The Value Of A Swimming Pool In Birmingham, Alabama?

If you look at the picture below of the pool I saw recently you might say “nothing-zilch-notta”. But the better answer would be “it depends”. The pool in this picture was filled in with dirt so apparently it was not worth anything to the owner. Obviously some things mean more to some people than others. […]

How getting your house properly measured could put more money in your pocket

You may wonder how you could put more money in your pocket just by getting your home measured.  Well, I’m going to explain to you two ways that this could happen. The first situation occurs when you put your home on the market for sale.  One of the key areas of comparison an appraiser uses […]

Will Alabama Property Assessments Ever Include Foreclosure Sales?

In the past Alabama has stated that they will not utilize foreclosure sales when assessing properties.  They claim that they must use market driven sales.  In many areas of the Birmingham, Alabama market foreclosures are playing a big part due to the large number compared to normal sales.  In fact the national news states that […]

How to Appeal Your Birmingham, AL Property Taxes

I looked at some appraisals I recently completed and found that 7 out of 10 homes were over assessed.  Property taxes are based on the market value of your home and the market value of your home is determined by looking at what other homes have sold for in your area.  If your home has […]

Appraisals Are Not Just For Mortgage Financing: Non Traditional Uses

Most people only think about real estate appraisals when they are buying or refinancing a home. In truth real estate appraisals are used for many other “non traditional” uses.  Appraisals are required any time the value of real estate is needed.  The value may be as of the date it was inspected or it could […]

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