A Man’s Home Is His Castle, Right?

We’ve all heard the old saying that a man’s home is his castle, right?  This was exactly what I thought of when I saw this house in Shelby County, Alabama.

castle home in shelby county, alabama

It got me to thinking about personal taste and  how that may translate into how others may feel about architectural styles that are atypical.  Do you think that this style of home would appeal to others?  While not a hard and fast rule, past experience has taught me that homes like this take longer to sell.  Have you had any experience in buying, selling, or appraising a home with a unique style?  I would be interested to hear your story.


  1. I love castles. This is ugly though.

  2. I like the stone work, but I’m not much of a literal castle dweller. Is that a pool in the front of the house? Any gators in there?

    • Ryan, the “moat” is built like a pool but does not really look deep enough to swim in, maybe wade. I know it sounds weird but I think I might like to live in a castle, several hundred years old. It would be pretty interesting. I have seen websites that specialize in selling castles, mostly overseas. Maybe when I get rich I will buy one and retire there.

  3. What an interesting house. Does the photo show the front or the back of the house? Is that an in-ground pool / moat? I really like the gate that is hanging 1/4 of the way down too. I have appraised a few unique properties, these days I would image it would be an appraiser’s nightmare to appraise a house like this unless there were several other similar style homes that have sold within the market recently. I would imagine a lender or AMC would want extensive comments and/or data about how the subject’s style affects marketability.

    • Bryan, the photo is looking at the front of the home. The back did not really look too much like a castle. The “moat” is like a pool but not really deep enough to swim in. The gate is decorative and does not actually go down. I don’t think it would be possible to find any other “castles” to compare it to!

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