Top 5 Subdivisions for New Construction in Shelby County, Alabama

House MazeWhat’s happening with new construction in Shelby County, Alabama?  With all of the talk of foreclosures, short sales, and declining property values we tend to lose sight of the positive things occurring in the Shelby County, Alabama area.  Not all builders have folded and gone out of business, there are still some that are working their way through the bad economy maze.

I decided to find out where the most new construction sales occurred in 2010.  The Birmingham Multiple Listing Service reports that approximately 278 new homes sold last year.  The top five areas of construction accounted for 122 sales, and they are shown below.

Shelby County 2010 New Construction Sales

Union Station and Kensington Place are located in Calera, Ballantrae is located in Pelham, Chelsea Park in Chelsea, and Beaumont in the Inverness area of Birmingham/Shelby County.  The top five were in varied areas, however when looking at overall new construction in Shelby County the majority occurred in the town of Calera.  Most of these homes are small garden homes, which makes sense because they are the most affordable.  What have you seen in your area?  What type/style of homes are selling the most?

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  1. Good information. There is hardly any new construction in the Sacramento area of California.

  2. Nice report jives with my impressions of what is going on in Shelby.

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