What Is The FHA Rule For Plumbing?

A Look At The FHA Rule For Plumbing I had an FHA appraisal this week where I ran into some problems that I want to share with you. I’m doing this because I thought that agents might benefit from knowing the FHA rule for plumbing to help prevent possible delays in the appraisal process as […]

Is The Agent Liable If No Appraisal Is Done?

What Do You Mean I Don’t Need An Appraisal? With the growing trend of non-traditional appraisal products such as Property Inspection Waivers (PIW’s) as well as cash sales, a question that has been raised is whether real estate agents can be held liable if no appraisal is done. Today I’m going to discuss the concerns […]

The Importance Of Accurate MLS Information

Accurate MLS Information Is Necessary For Reliable Appraisals Have you heard the old saying “garbage in garbage out”? Do you know what it means? It basically means that the quality of output is determined by the quality of input. In appraising this means that the quality of our appraisal results is a direct result of […]

9 Things You Must Avoid Doing If You Want To Price A Listing Accurately

How To Price A Listing Accurately If you want to price a listing accurately there are certain things that you’ll want to avoid doing. In my 25+ years as a real estate appraiser, I have seen numerous reasons that the appraisal and contract do not match up. Appraisers have been accused of being deal killers […]

6 Steps Agents Can Take When There Are No Comps To Price A Listing

What If There Are No Comps To Price A Listing? Sometimes when speaking at real estate agent meetings I will be asked what an agent can do when there are no comps to price a listing. Finding good sales can sometimes be difficult but it has to be done in order to accurately list a […]

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