What Is A Competitive Market Area?

Competitive Market Area Explained A competitive market area is something that I write about quite a bit when discussing comparable sales selection. It answers a lot of questions about where agents can look for sales when pricing a home. The sales comparison approach is the most recognized approach for non-appraisers. Most people know what a […]

What Is The Home Appraisal Timeline?

These Items Affect The Home Appraisal Timeline I recently wrote a blog post about the different reasons that it might take a while to get your appraisal back. This consisted of various issues that appraisers could run into that may add to the typical time frame. The items I discussed in the previous post may […]

Why Is My Home Appraisal Taking So Long?

Home Appraisal Turn Times Are Affected By Many Things Have you wondered why it’s taking so long to get your appraisal back? Appraisal turn times can vary from 1 to 14 days or longer depending on the property and other various factors. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, you would think the market would […]

How To Avoid Appraisal Issues When Using An Escalation Clause

What Is An Escalation Clause? Today’s real estate market in many areas could be described as tight, meaning that inventory is low and demand is high. This is exactly how it is in many areas of Birmingham, AL where I appraise. New listings are not staying on the market long before buyers write a contract. […]

What Are The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom?

A Look At The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom I get this question on a pretty consistent basis from my agent friends so I decided to write this post and explain the legal requirements for a bedroom. Please leave a comment below with any thoughts you have. The legal requirements for a bedroom discussed in […]

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