How To Avoid Appraisal Issues When Using An Escalation Clause

What Is An Escalation Clause? Today’s real estate market in many areas could be described as tight, meaning that inventory is low and demand is high. This is exactly how it is in many areas of Birmingham, AL where I appraise. New listings are not staying on the market long before buyers write a contract. […]

What Are The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom?

A Look At The Legal Requirements For A Bedroom I get this question on a pretty consistent basis from my agent friends so I decided to write this post and explain the legal requirements for a bedroom. Please leave a comment below with any thoughts you have. The legal requirements for a bedroom discussed in […]

Why Can’t The Appraiser Include Basement In Price Per Square Foot?

Are Basements Included In Price Per Square Foot? While I’ve discussed the topics of basements and price per square foot in previous blog posts I thought it might be helpful to revisit both of them again. This is a popular question I get from agents all the time so I’d like to hear your take […]

Does a Bedroom Need a Window To Be Legal?

Does a Bedroom Need a Window? Marketability is the name of the game in real estate. If you can make your listing sound better than the other homes for sale you may be able to sell it quicker or for more money. Bedrooms are one of those features of a home that sounds good if […]

Do Appraisers Stop At The Contract Price?

Can A Home Be Worth More Than The Contract Price? While doing an appraisal this week I was asked a question by the homeowner. It is one I have been asked before so I thought I would go ahead and write a post about it. Her question was this: When doing an appraisal does the […]

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