Birmingham, Alabama Home Sales-Most Expensive Home Sale YTD-November 2011

It’s been a while since I looked at the most expensive home sale in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  I took a break from this subject for a while but then discovered this was a pretty popular search topic for readers of my blog, so  I decided to revisit the “most expensive home sale” and see what has happened.

The Birmingham area is made up of many great communities, many of the “most expensive” homes came from the Mountain Brook area, which is an upscale suburb in Birmingham.  However in 2011 the most expensive home sale as of November is located in the town of Wilsonville in Shelby County and it sold for $3,224,681.  The property consists of a home on a 12 acre island on Lay Lake.   This is a very unique property that was part of a larger 50 acre horse farm that was divided up to be sold.  Wilsonville, AL is in southeastern Shelby County and is mostly rural property with the Coosa River running south through it.  The property was sold by Pam Ausley with RE/MAX.

Birmingham, AL Most expensive home sale in 2011

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  1. I guess someone’s dream to live on an island came true. Definitely unique.

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