The Chelsea Park Clock Tower

I like to see landmarks.  They help me locate places that I’m going to and help me know that I’m on the right track in getting to my destination.  I was in the Chelsea Park neighborhood recently on an appraisal inspection and thought I would snap a picture of the clock tower that sits at the subdivision entrance.

Chelsea Park Clock Tower, Chelsea, AlabamaIf you think about it, landmarks like the clock tower can add character to a neighborhood and create a sense of cohesiveness within a subdivision, neighborhood, or community.  Nice landmarks can make you proud to live in an area while landmarks that are run down or not well taken care of might produce a negative connotation, which could also effect property values in a harmful way.  There really is no “adjustment” that an appraiser would make on their appraisal for such a thing, but I think that having something like this can bolster an areas desirability which could help increase property values.  How do you feel about landmarks?  Do you have any in  your area?  Do they create a positive or negative influence?  Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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