The Big Peach Tower in Clanton, Alabama

I got the chance to head down to Clanton, Alabama recently.  I have had a lot of work lately in quite a few different places and last week I had an assignment in Clanton.  In case you don’t know, Clanton produces some of the best tasting peaches around.  You can buy these peaches from any farmers market or roadside stand, and I highly recommend them.  They make great peach ice cream or even peach cobbler.

Peaches are so important to this areas economy that they built a water tower to celebrate it.  The tower is 120 feet tall and holds 500,000 gallons of water.  It is a site to behold.

In addition to the peach industry this area has a lot of farm land.  It was nice to check out the countryside, and a lot less hectic than the city!  Check out some of the sights!


  1. That’s awesome, Tom. Thanks for sharing. It actually looks photoshopped. It’s real though, right?

    • Oh yeah it’s real. When we first saw it years ago we did a double take ourselves. It’s a highlight for my kids on family trips down to Florida.

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