Photos From The Field-What’s That Funky Green Stuff Growing On My Roof?

On one of my appraisal inspections this week I looked at a house that had some funky green looking stuff growing on the roof.  I am not exactly sure what is was but it looked like moss.

Deferred maintenance on roof in Birmingham, AL

If you look at the vent pipe in the picture you can see an area at its base that looks like it may be allowing moisture into the attic.  The bathroom is right below this part of the roof and it had signs of moisture damage.  Would this deferred maintenance throw up a red flag if you were buying this home?  It should, because the issues could go much deeper than just the surface.  Excess moisture can lead to mold, which can affect a persons health.  What odd types of deferred maintenance have you see on houses?

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  1. If that were my house, it would be clumps of sod thrown up there by the kids for fun.

    If not, then whatever it is needs to go away – can’t possibly be a good thing – maybe it’s growing up OUT of the roof!

    • That’s funny Alison. This stuff was growing on the roof because of to much moisture in the attic. I found out it was more common than I thought.

  2. What a crazy picture. I have not seen any moss growing on a roof. I have seen several homes in foreclosure that have had extensive mold / mildew damage due to a water leak – the walls were black – very nasty.

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