5 free apps and how I use them in my real estate appraisal business

Running an appraisal business can be fun and rewarding. If you own any kind of business you understand the need to control expenses and that task is getting easier and easier these days due to all of the free apps that are available. I wanted to share with you today 5 free apps that I […]

Know Thy Market- The Importance of Geographic Competence in Appraising Real Estate

Geographic competence in appraising has become a hot topic over the last couple of years. It refers to an appraisers knowledge of a market and his/her ability to produce an accurate and reliable report. One way to measure this is by looking at someones experience of  working in an area. Take a look below at […]

My Top iPad Apps for Real Estate Appraisers

Do you have an iPad? Did you buy it to help yourself become more productive and mobile in your real estate appraisal business?  Are you actually using it in your business in this capacity or are you just using it to play games, surf the net, and watch movies?  This is a question I had […]

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