Are You Pricing Your Home Too High For Today’s Market?

Don’t Be Guilty of Pricing Your Home Too High It’s already been said, however, I think it is worth stating again that the market has shifted. It’s important to keep this in mind when pricing your home to sell because if you don’t this could cost you both time and money. In fact, the market […]

What is External Obsolescence?

A Look at External Obsolescence External obsolescence is not something you hear about every day. If you are interested in purchasing real estate and choosing a property that retains its value then you may want to learn a little more about this form of depreciation that is not discussed much. If you break down the […]

5 Things To Consider When Getting A Hybrid Appraisal

As a buyer, seller, or real estate agent involved in a sales transaction it’s important to be aware of changes in how things are done that may affect you. One of these changes is the use of the hybrid appraisal by lenders. What Is A Hybrid Appraisal? A hybrid appraisal is one that is done […]

What Is A Final Inspection?

A Closer Look At The Final Inspection You may have heard of an appraisal inspection but what is a final inspection? Keep reading to find out the “second part” of the appraisal process for certain types of appraisals. For many types of appraisals, there is only one inspection or observation as we like to call […]

New Homebuyer’s Guide To Appraisals

What New Homebuyers Need To Know About Appraisals If you are a new homebuyer, welcome! Buying a home can be a confusing process, however, I hope that you have been able to surround yourself with knowledgable professionals who can help you navigate your first home purchase and make it an enjoyable experience. In this new […]

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