Which Of These Houses Does Not Conform?

Appraisers talk about conformity when describing houses that do not “fit in” to the neighborhood.  Sometimes this can be subjective but you can usually tell when it has occurred.  Neighborhoods have certain characteristics relating to price range, house style and various other factors.  Some times house style and price range intersect and you have an overpriced home that stands out like a sore thumb.  I don’t mean that it’s an eye sore but rather it does not fit harmoniously  into the personality of the neighborhood.  Check out this video and see if you can spot the home that does not fit in.

Well, did you guess which house it was?  See, I told you it was pretty easy to spot.  From an appraisal standpoint there could be an issue with the subjects conformity to the neighborhood and a possible over improvement.  Both of these items can effect the value of the property.  Have you ever seen something like this before?  Do you know what effect it had on the properties value?

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  1. Is that new construction or a total remodel? That looks huge.

    • Not 100% sure but considering where it is and the age/build up of the neighborhood it would either be a remodel or a rebuild of a home lost to a fire. It really stands out and by the looks of it is probably quite a bit bigger than most others.

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