Reading Roundup: 5 appraisal articles you don’t want to miss

Reading Roundup: 5 appraisal articles you don’t want to miss

Appraisal articlesMy main goal in writing Birmingham Appraisal Blog is to provide valuable information to my readers about the appraisal process, and I strive to inform and educate the public about how and why appraisers do what they do. Over the last several years I’ve seen an increase in other appraisers who are doing the same thing.

I keep up with what other appraisers are writing and would like to share with my readers some recent appraisal articles you don’t want to miss, and that I believe would be valuable and useful to help you understand the appraisal process. I hope you enjoy these and would appreciate you leaving a comment to let me know what you think, or if you know of a blog that provides helpful information please share so others can enjoy it.

Ryan Lundquist- Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Ryan lives in Sacramento, CA and writes about local real estate trends and the appraisal process. He is one of the reasons I started my blog and he helped answer questions I had when I was getting started. One of his latest articles discusses why providing a range of value may be more realistic for appraisers. When we provide a single value estimate rather than a range of value it can give the public the impression that appraising is more precise than it actually is. Most, if not all, lenders require an appraisal to include a single value estimate but Ryan makes the case for providing a range.

Gary Kristensen- A Quality Appraisal

Gary writes about appraisal issues and concerns and works in the Portland, Oregon area. He recently wrote about appraisals being done for divorce purposes. Divorce is never a pleasant experience, so whenever you need to get an appraisal as part of a dissolution of marriage it’s important that the process be performed correctly.

Gary points out that the process of discovery can be negatively affected if the appraiser is not engaged by the right party. If you are in need of this type of appraisal please read Gary’s advice so that you are familiar with the process and can make educated decisions.

Bill Cobb- Active Rain Blog

Bill Cobb works out of Baton Rouge, LA and is one of the first appraisers that I know of that has used social media and blogging as an effective marketing tool for his appraisal business. After reading an article he was featured in I became interested in blogging.

Bill is such a resource to the real estate agents he works with in Baton Rouge, and this recent post in Active Rain focuses on what agents need to do to help their deals appraise closer to sales price. Bill is the go to appraiser in Baton Rouge for real estate agents who need an accurate value for their listings.

Shannon Slater- DW Slater Company

I became online friends with Shannon this year and her blog is a great resource for the people she serves in the Denton, TX area. Shannon does an excellent job of informing and educating users of appraisal services.

In her recent article she fills you in about the qualifications of appraisers. There is a significant difference in both experience and education for the various levels of licensure for appraisers not only in Texas but across the country.

Paul Rowe- Rowe Appraisal Group

Paul works out of the windy city of Chicago, IL where he provides residential and commercial appraisal services. If you’re a real estate agent and need to describe a house style but just can’t come up with the name, then this recent post by Paul may interest you.

He describes various housing styles that are native to the Chicago area but they may also be present in your area. Appraisers were recently required to be more specific in describing the architectural style of a home rather that just using “1.5 story” or “2 story” so this post can help provide the official name of the style of home you’re appraising, or it can help agents to also be more specific in their write ups for their listings.


I hope this roundup has been helpful to you. There is a lot of information floating around on the web and my goal is to provide you with an easy place to find it. If you have additional resources available that I can include in a future post please let me know.


Do you know of an appraiser that provides excellent informational value by writing a blog? If you do then please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow Tom, I had been waiting for time to sit down and take a spin around the Reading Roundup and I found my own article listed. It is an honor to be named on your blog. Thank you.

  2. Tom, thanks so much for the inclusion! This is a great list of reads from appraiser bloggers. I follow all of them and enjoy their reads as well as your blog. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Tom. Thanks for the shoutout. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work. I always enjoy getting your posts in my inbox.

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