Have You Ever Appraised a Pyramid Before?

Well, it’s not a real pyramid, at least not the kind you find in Egypt.  It did remind me of the Egyptian Pyramids, with their unique shape though.

Trussville, Alabama pyramid home-view 1

I was doing some appraisal work in the Trussville, Alabama area of Birmingham and drove past this home.  It made me think of what types of homes I might use to compare it to.  There are not a lot of homes that look like this and the list of potential comparables would be fairly small or next to nothing.  Architectural appeal definitely effects the marketability of a  home and should be considered in valuing this property.  What type or style of home do you think would be good to use as a comparable.  Would this style be a positive or a negative factor?

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  1. All I know is that I would never say “I am glad I don’t have to appraise that house” because I would get the appraisal order within a few weeks! Seriously though, I have never appraised a pyramid. I have almost appraised a berm (mostly underground) house – the lender cancelled the order when I sent photos of the house.

    • Bryan, I say the same thing about making comments about homes. Just as soon as you do, you’re getting an order to appraise it. I’ve never seen an underground house. I am sure comps for that are hard to come by too.

  2. Ben Goheen says

    I’ve always dreaded the day when I have to appraise a dome home – but this takes the cake. It looks like it has eyes and a mouth. Good luck finding a comp for this beast.

    • Ben, I’m with you on the dome home. I thought exactly the same thing about the eyes and mouth. I wonder if people notice these things when they are designing the homes.

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