Happy Memorial Day and Past Week Round Up- Blog Posts Worth Repeating

Well, today is Memorial Day, a time when we give thanks to those that have served our country.  I just wanted to say Memorial Day-American Flag“Thank You” to all of those that have served in the past, are currently serving, and to those that have paid the ultimate price for freedom.  If it were not for you, we could not live with the freedoms we have.  We may not have a perfect country but I believe we have the best country.  God Bless America.

Today I’ve decided to pass along some top blog posts that I’ve read recently.  I hope you enjoy them!

Your Facebook Friends Now Power Your Internet Search Results And Why It Matters To Real Estate Professionals- REbliss.com: Bryan Mcdonald explains how your internet search results are now influenced by your social networking as well as what your Facebook friends “like”, very interesting reading and something that may help you in your social network marketing effort.

To Sell or Lease, That is the Question-Collier Swecker Blog: Collier Swecker video blogs the pros and cons of leasing your primary residence instead of selling in the current real estate market. It’s not as simple as you might think!

What is Your Interest Rate Today? Easy Question, Right?Ask Val: Valerie Springer explains that there is more to interest rates than meets the eye.  Several questions have to be answered to before you can get an accurate interest rate quote.

Birmingham Spring Real Estate Season Off to Slow StartTom Brander: Tom Brander does an excellent job of breaking down the numbers so you know exactly how the real estate market is performing;  unbiased and a straight shooter.

How To Build A Great Real Estate Site-Give Your Clients What They Want- Tech Savvy Agent: If you are in the real estate profession and want to increase your social reach you need a website.  Chris Smith of Tech Savvy Agent explains the type of site you need.  Chris is an expert int this field and no matter what area of real estate you can benefit from this article.

UPDATE: Chris Smith is no longer with Tech Savvy Agent. He has started Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales company. You can check him out on his Curaytor Blog.

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  1. This is a great list of blog posts. And I appreciate the link to REbliss.com! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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