FHA Repair Item…or Not?

I get a lot of questions about FHA appraisals and what types of repairs are required, and which ones are not.  As I have stated in a previous blog post, most items of repair in an FHA appraisal are related to safety, soundness, and security. Some items will definitely need to be repaired before the loan closes and others do not.

Last week I was looking at a home that had several issues and I thought I would share them with you today.  I have included pictures for you to see them.  Try to decide whether these items are required FHA repairs or not.

Item #1Window frame damage

This item of deferred maintenance is a window frame that is rotting out.  It would require repair because, if it is not,  water could eventually enter the home and cause a lot more damage affecting the soundness of the home.

Item #2Moisture stain on ceiling

This moisture stain is in the garage.  If this were just a cosmetic problem it probably would not have to be repaired.  This may have occurred prior to the roof shingles being replaced, and the owner has not yet gotten around to repainting the ceiling.  Whatever the case, it requires further investigation.  This is what I saw on the roof.

Item #3Chimney damage at roof line

After looking at the roof line over the area of the stain, we see what is causing the leak, and this would require an inspection and repair because it appears that the leak is still active and caused by the rotting wood on the chimney.

Repair items are not always straight forward.  Some require further investigation.  As I stated previously, repairs are required if failing to do so will affect the safety, soundness, and security of the structure. Do you have an FHA repair item on a home you are purchasing that you are unsure of?  I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have.

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  1. I am trying to refi my home and only pull out enough cash to fix those things that were not by the previous owner. We love our home and are wanting to refi to install new gutters, siding and windows. There is some window rot, and what we are trying to correct. The appraiser wants a subject to.. on this! I don’t have the money on hand to throw out and half a** fix this to fix it correctly?!?!? I am so upset!! We have no debt and are not trying to get money to pay Paul?!? We are trying to fix our home we love and be honest, and are getting the bad end of the stick.. it’s no wonder people do the things they do to get things fixed.. being honest doesn’t pay;(:(;(

    Why would I be dishonest and throw money at windows that we are replacing? Why?!? Makes no sense when you are trying to better the property that we have (on the low end) 100,000 in equity and arenonly asking for 30,000?!? Frustrated and aggravated never late home owner!!

  2. Great blog post and photos. I see these same items on many homes I appraise in GA.

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