Birmingham Alabama Appraiser Market Conditions: An interview with an appraiser-Pt. 1

I recently had an opportunity to be interviewed by David and Colleen  Black, Realtors with Keller Williams Realty in Alabaster, Alabama.  The interview was split into two parts with the first part shown below.  We talked about everything from home price trends in Jefferson and Shelby County Alabama and the effects of foreclosure sales on the market, to the HVCC and how appraisers are being chosen to perform appraisals.  I enjoyed talking with them and look forward to discussing other issues with them in the future.  The second part will be published next week.


  1. Did they call you the Grim Reaper of Real Estate? That might make a good website I wonder how many appraisal orders that site would generate?

    Seriously, great podcast.

  2. Nice job, Tom.

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