My appraisal blog just passed the 300 blog post mark!

My appraisal blog just passed the 300 blog post mark!

Real estate bloggingBoom! I guess you could say I’m excited. 🙂 I just passed 300 blog posts and thought I would share this awesome news with you. I started this blog back in February of 2010 so next month will be my 5th year of publishing Birmingham Appraisal Blog.

Why I do it

I found out something interesting about myself whenever I started blogging and that is that I enjoy teaching. I had taught children’s Sunday school class over the years and found that enjoyable, but never really thought much about how I could transfer this enjoyment into my work life, until I started blogging. Blogging has allowed me to take something I enjoy and apply it to something positive: marketing my appraisal business by writing to inform and educate.

Along the way in building my blog and finding my blog “voice” I ran across small business owner and content marketer Marcus Sheridan. Marcus had a struggling swimming pool business and also discovered how blogging could save his company after the economy crashed several years ago. Marcus discovered that writing articles that answered peoples questions about pools had a positive effect on his business. His blog provided a complete source of useful and helpful information that helped people make a decision on the type of swimming pool they wanted to buy. While real estate appraisals and swimming pools are quite different in subject matter I discovered that I could combine my enjoyment for teaching with blogging and provide articles that would inform and educate home owners, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, and anyone else curious about appraisals as to how and why appraisers do what they do.

Positive results

Blogging has been great for my business because it has allowed me to network with other real estate professionals that I probably would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise as well as share my knowledge on a national platform by guest blogging on McKissock, a well known appraisal education provider. In addition, it has helped me to diversify my business into non traditional appraisal assignments. I now speak at various real estate offices about appraising to help educate real estate agents about the appraisal process and how we can work together to make the real estate transaction go smoother.


Have you had similar positive results because of writing a blog? Please leave me a message below as I would enjoy reading how and why you started, and the positive results that you have seen. You don’t have to be in the real estate field to leave a message, I would like to hear from everyone.

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  1. Great job Tom. I am following your lead. Blogging has had a profound effect on my business. It has opened doors, given me expert status, and pushed my website to the top rank for all of my service area. Also, I find it so much easier to answer questions for prospective clients. Usually when they have a question, I can just link them to a blog article for the answer. After prospective clients read a few of my blog posts, they feel like they know me and don’t want to find a different appraiser.

  2. Congratulations Tom. Keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your blog, and I know many others do too.

  3. Congratulations Tom! Very impressive. I’ve been blogging since 2007 but have not reached 200 yet. It certainly takes dedication and consistency. Many people don’t realize just how much work goes into a good blog post, which I think your’s are. Too many times people just post data but don’t reveal any meaning or interpret the data. Keep blogging, Tom, I for one am really enjoying what you have to say!

    • Thank’s for the kind words Richard. I took a look at your blog and it looks great. It looks like you have put in a lot of hard work with it as well and you can tell. It’s interesting to see posts from your point of view as a property tax consultant. Keep up the great work!

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