Our floor plan sketch service just got faster!

Our floor plan sketch service is faster than ever

floorplan sketchingOrdering and receiving a floor plan sketch from my company just got faster. That is because I recently switched my office to a digital platform. My ultimate goal is to go paperless in my office and use as little paper as possible.

This has benefited my floor plan sketch customers because they will receive the results a whole lot faster! In the past I would use pen and paper to sketch out the floor plan while at the house. By doing it this way I was not able to provide a square footage number on site, because I would have to go back to my office and sketch it out on my computer to do the calculations. With my new method, if the agent or owner would like to know the square footage I can now give it to them immediately, and then follow up with the actual sketch that can be used to help list the house with accurate square footage information.

What I’m using now

I have now switched over to using a Samsung tablet and Total for mobile sketching app. I recently wrote about how I changed how I collected data in the field. By making this change my floor plan sketch services has gotten quicker.

My new tools for providing floor plan sketch services to agents and homeowners include a Bosch laser measurer, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, and the Alamode Total Sketch app. By utilizing these newer high tech tools I am able to be more accurate and turn the sketch assignment around quicker., which ultimately benefits my clients.

Benefits of a floor plan sketch

There are many benefits of getting a floor plan sketch. They include the following:FLOOR PLAN SKETCH

  • Accurate square footage
  • Floor plan layout
  • More accurate list price
  • Correct potential tax assessment problems
  • Less chance of deal falling through because you eliminate inaccurate information

By getting a floor plan sketch before arriving at a list price and putting it on the market for sale, the list price will be more accurate and the square footage will be more similar to what the mortgage appraisal reflects. This can prevent value issues and misinformation and confusion between buyer and seller.


Are you interested in getting a floor plan sketch? If so you may want to think about some of the things I’ve discussed. If you’ve used a floor plan sketch service and it was a positive experience I’d like to hear how it benefited you. Please leave a message and let’s keep the conversation going.

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  1. Sure, and all of that. But if you get too detailed with measurements, you still are unable to measure your comps in a similar manner, and can bring slight skew to comparative analysis. Like there is one neighborhood in CO where builders shorted a half foot on those old squre 60’s bricks, and they did it constantly. The subject always measures a little short. The comps all report straight up. Truth is there is no difference in sizing. I like a simple non descript sketch because my goal is merely to verify if any substantial error or alteration in sizing from reported assessment data is present or not. Beyond that, I do not want a high end sketch program or high end presentation. Paperless is not all it’s cracked up to be you know. Those clever mobile devices are often sourced from communist countries and/or slave labor enterprises. Consuming with a conscious somehow became unpopular with this tech explosion but there are still some die hards like me out there who think the country of origin for a product matters, and matters greatly. I would be happy to buy a sketch device if it was produced here in the USA, otherwise I’ll pass. Pen, paper, measuring tape made in the USA. I like it that way and will have it no other way. Ewaste is also an overlooked concern. My tape measure runs 5 years+ if I’m nice to it. Ironically, often a longer lifespan than the supposedly advanced tech products. Paper is sustainable, ewaste and the pollution that comes with it is not. Google ewaste and see where all those awesome devices end up. I love paper, and still print 100+ page workfiles on the old laserjet3200. This damned thing won’t break, and I’ve used this same printer for a decade already. Get the cartridges dirt cheap on ebay. And Thomas maps just put out a new version of Mapsco for my area. Life is good. I’ll never go paperless, and appreciate the ability to scribble notes, grab a file on the fly, and be able to look away from the computer screen. Be careful with too much paperless activity, there are new reports which prove beyond a doubt that when you stare continuously at any given tech screen for long periods, you will suffer ocular degeneration faster than if you were dealing with paper. Just trying to look out for you dude. They sold it, but that does not mean we have to buy it. Time is relevant. I don’t mind taking the time, and that’s just part of the deal with appraisal. I miss the days of the printed MLS books, to be sure. HA!

  2. In addition to same day delivery, many of my measurement clients wait at the house while I measure and the mobile device allows me to show them the finished product before I leave. We look over the sketch and they might say something like, “Can you change the label on Bonus to Office?”

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