Are Buyers In The Driver’s Seat Now?

Do Buyers Have a Leg Up In Today’s Market? The smell of a market shift is in the air but what does this mean for the average buyer? Over the past two years, buyers have been put through the wringer. The steep rise in home prices, and the market’s competitive nature, have tested the resolve […]

Is The Real Estate Market Shifting?

Has There Been a Shift In The Real Estate Market? From all indications, there has been a definite shift in the real estate market. The recent increase in interest rates has injected another variable into the market that participants are reacting to. I like to get multiple perspectives on what is happening and in order […]

A Quick Look At The Birmingham Housing Market: First Quarter 2022

So How’s The Birmingham Housing Market? With the first quarter of 2022 under our belts, I thought I would take a quick look at how the numbers stack up against past years, and for March. We’ll take a look at some key metrics including sales volume, median sales price trends, days on market, the sale […]

Birmingham Median Home Prices: Feb ’21 vs Feb ’22

A Look At February Year Over Year Median Sales Price In Birmingham So how’s the Birmingham real estate market looking? This is a question I get asked frequently since I am a real estate appraiser. There are a lot of different ways to look at the real estate market. Today I thought I would focus […]

The Preserve- Hoover, AL Real Estate Market Update

The Preserve Housing Update: 2021 I recently completed a home appraisal in The Preserve neighborhood in Hoover, AL, and I thought I would share with you some housing stats. The Preserve is located next to Moss Rock Preserve which is a 350-acre nature preserve with large rock formations, streams, waterfalls, and other unique features. Hoover […]

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