My recent Google Hangout with Genny Williams of “Get A Real Estate Life”

My recent Google Hangout with Genny Williams of “Get A Real Estate Life”

I recently had the opportunity to join Genny Williams of “Get a Real Estate Life” in a Google Hangout to talk about “Pricing, Evaluations, and Contesting Appraisals in Today’s Market”. This was my first time to do this so I hope I came across well and was able to provide you with some answers to questions you may have had. Genny asked questions that have been on the minds of many of the agents that she coaches. These agents are no different than any other because they experience the same issues that agents in other parts of the country do. I’ve included a link to a recording of the Hangout below (or click here) for you to view in case you missed it, and I have also included links to past blog posts of mine that also relate to these questions so that you can explore the issue further after you have viewed the video. If I can be of service to you please let me know as I am always happy to answer questions you have about the appraisal process.

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I hope that you questions were answered either on the hangout or within my blog, but if they were not please let me know and I will try to address it in a blog article. I’m sure if you have a question about a certain topic many other agents will as well. Please leave a message below if you found value in this information, I’d like to hear from you.

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  1. I have been listening to this discussion in little pieces all morning. Great job Tom. Thanks for all you do for representing the appraisal industry.

  2. Nice job, Tom. Way to get out there to be a resource to locals in your area. I hope many people contact you with questions and business. 🙂

  3. When I speak with agents I give them a review of FNMA’s UAD, the MC and now the Underwriter. It makes them aware of the added complexities of those – but then I add the STIPS. After they have digested both – they start to not depend on their limited skill set as it makes them aware that they are not on the same page with the Lender, FM, the Underwriters and the Appraiser that is hired.

    Also, If all homes in the market have similar (granite) components I let folks know that that item is baked in so to speak.

    If you ever need a wing man for a future hangout let me know. Great discussion.

    • Great points Tom.I think when real estate agents find out all these things that are taking place on our end they start to realize the reason behind our need to have the home priced correctly before hand so there are less problems on the back end. An agent that understands their limitations in pricing and that appreciates our skills is a good one to find.

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