My 12 favorite blog posts of 2012

best appraisal blogs of 2012As I plan my blogging calender for 2013 I look back on 2012 at what I wrote about so that I don’t repeat the same material, or at least not too similar of a topic. I have been blogging now for about 3 years and to be honest find it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I thought I would share with you the posts I found most enjoyable to cover and write about. They may not be the ones that received the most comments but they were ones where I learned something new or just enjoyed writing about the topic. My goal is to write topics that can be helpful to others and make their jobs easier. So here are the ones I like the most:

  1. Birmingham Realtors, are you a socially savvy agent?
  2. 10 reasons not to get a pre-listing appraisal
  3. An interesting trend in the Birmingham, Alabama real estate market
  4. When is a bedroom not a bedroom?
  5. How getting your house properly measured could put more money in your pocket
  6. My Top iPad Apps for Real Estate Appraisers
  7. Is it a sale or is it a comparable?
  8. What is bracketing and why should Realtors do it?
  9. A look at the 2012 Birmingham, AL real estate market by 4 local experts
  10. 5 questions you MUST ask your Birmingham, AL real estate appraiser
  11. 5 things NOT to say to an appraiser if you don’t want to be accused of influencing them
  12. Avoid these 5 problems to help your home appraise for top dollar

If there is a topic you want covered that I have not written about please let me know, I am always searching for relevant material that might answer questions others have about appraising and the real estate market.

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  1. Good list time. I’ve read a few of them. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of yours.

    • Thanks Charita! Likewise with you. I’ve shared several of your posts on my scoop it curation site and find your blog posts very informative. Hope 2013 is going well so far.

  2. Congrats, Tom. Happy blogging in 2013. May you be an incredible resource and find great success.

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