Here’s a home seller checklist to help your house appraise for the highest amount possible

Real Estate Appraiser ChecklistWith the spring and summer season approaching many homeowners will be listing their house for sale. This is the time of year that people like to move. It is easier to move during the summer months and families can get moved in before school starts.

Real estate appraiser’s look at various things during their visit to your home. If you plan ahead you can make sure your home is in the best possible condition so that you get the highest value possible. While a little clutter here and there will not affect the appraised value it does not hurt to have the home in its best possible condition and presented nicely. By spending a little time on cosmetic details and minor repairs a good impression can be made.

Appraisers are human and they respond to a clean and orderly home the same as buyers do. During the inspection we look at materials of construction and condition of the improvements. Take a look at the checklist I have included for you to print out and have when you are getting your home ready to sell.

Home Seller Checklist by birminghamappraiser

As you can see we look at both the exterior and the interior of the house and assess its condition. This helps us to estimate an effective age in order to choose the best comparables. Because a minimum of three sales are used in an appraisal a range of value is developed. This is where the good condition and upkeep of the home can pay off. Within the range of value the appraiser can reconcile a final value estimate based on the subject’s condition and appeal as well as the marketability of the area.

If the home is in good condition and shows well, it is possible that the upper end of the range could be justified and supported. On the other hand, if the home has not been well kept, has necessary repairs, and does not show well, the lower end of the range may be reconciled. I hope this list helps you to get the highest value possible for your home. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks KC, I hope it is a helpful resource to home sellers wanting to maximize the value of their home.

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