How agents can sell their listing to the appraiser

Do Agents Have to Sell Twice? I hear agents say that they have to sell their listings twice. The first time it is to a potential buyer of the property and the second time it’s to the appraiser. Today I’m going to share with you how agents can sell their listing to the appraiser so that […]

What is an appraisal contingency and why is it more important now than ever?

What is an Appraisal Contingency? For those not familiar with what an appraisal contingency is let me give you a simple explanation. An appraisal contingency gives you a way out of a legally binding contract should the home you are purchasing not appraise for at least the contract price. If you are purchasing a home […]

9 Home Measurement FAQ’s For Agents

Correct Home Measurement Can Prevent Mistakes This week, while working on appraisals, I had a couple of situations where the real estate agents for two homes I was appraising used the incorrect square footage in their listings. If they would have known the guidelines for home measurement this could have been avoided. The first situation […]

Hey, if the market is so hot why didn’t my home appraise?

A Hot Market is not a Guarantee Your Home Will Appraise In a hot market like we have now a low appraisal should be the least of our worries, right? Wrong. There are still some people asking “why didn’t my home appraise?”. It should never be considered a given that just because we’re in a […]

Are Investor Flips Good Appraisal Comps?

Good Comp or Not? Are all comparables (comps) created equal? This is a question I continually ask myself when reviewing sales for appraisal assignments I’m working on. This includes investor flips, our focus for discussion here. Depending on who you are, you may have a different understanding of what a comp is. I always tell […]

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