Why an appraisal should be part of every agent’s pricing strategy

Agents, how’s your listing presentation? It’s important for real estate agents to go into their listing presentations with a good idea of how they will price their client’s home. I’ve heard that one of the top reasons, if not the #1 reason, for a home not selling is because it’s priced too high. By encouraging […]

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Appraiser

Want some tips for choosing the best appraiser? Picking the right real estate appraiser is important because they are not all equal. A person’s home is usually their most valuable asset and when you’re selling it you want to make sure it is priced accurately. Today I’m going to give you some tips for choosing […]

What is the FHA rule for appliances?

Understanding the FHA rule for appliances Are you confused about the FHA rule for appliances in the homes you are selling? If so you will want to continue reading so you’ll understand how it is handled in the appraisal. Agents that are proactive will help expedite the appraisal process and minimize delays in closing. Are appliances […]

Will a finished basement add value to a home?

Does a finished basement add value? A question I get quite often from agents is “Does a basement add value to a home and how much value should I use? This usually occurs when they are doing a CMA and looking at comps to come up with a value for a listing. The simple answer […]

Agents, are you preventing appraisers from doing their job?

Is preventing appraisers from doing their job on the rise? In a recent episode of Phil Crawford’s “Voice of Appraisal” podcast show on Youtube (he starts talking about it at around the 27:30 marker), the host reported that some appraisers are being denied access by agents to homes they have been asked to appraise. It seems […]


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